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April 20, 2010

Etienne Michaud Ste Marie – Director and Cameraman

After months backpacking in Australia, Etienne enrolled at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema of Concordia University in Montreal. He graduated with a Film Productions specification and then decided to return to his home turf, in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, in order to start working as a cameraman and editor, as of spring 2009. Biosphere, Tomorrow is Now, is his first directing gig at Biosphere Television, and fingers crossed, is the beginning of a great adventure for his directing career.


As part of these “Introduce the Team” posts, I decided to ask my partners a few questions…


What is the part you enjoy the most about shooting this documentary?

The documentary is a chance in a lifetime to acquaint ourselves with places we probably would have never been without the project. But beyond the travelling, what I love the most is the magic of transforming our discoveries into meaningful images.

What impact do you think the documentary will have on your life?

The documentary will leave its trace on my life in many ways. The people, the intitiatives…as a man of images, I think the visions of these diverse countries is what’s going to stick with me the most.

What are the biggest difficulties you have faced or think you will face shooting the doc?

With the first destination, Africa, now behind us, I’d have to say the difficulties were there, but not unconquerable. From a technical point of view, the lack of electricity and the excessive dust slowed down the production a little bit. Otherwise, the blazing heat, lack of water and the long days, which were extremely demanding physically, had a bit of an impact on the team.

What’s your vision of the future for humanity? What are your hopes?

I truly believe in humanity and in its capacities to make the right decisions. I think the main quality of man is its capacity to adapt. We’ve done it for centuries and we will keep on doing it. This documentary is a witness of that.

Etienne is on Facebook, don’t be shy to connect with him if you have any questions.

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