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Biosphere, Tomorrow is Now! is a film produced by Biosphere Television in partnership with UNESCO.

To give you a bit of history, in 1971, the program ‘Man and Biosphere’ was launched by UNESCO. It aimed to provide science centers that supply appropriate responses to the challenges of sustainable development for humanity. As you know, land taken up for human occupation is expanding while natural regions are receding. The ultra-fast urbanization of our planet no longer suffices to make us forget at what point life on this earth depends on nature.

So to protect all that biodiversity, UNESCO created World Biosphere Reserves. There are today, over one hundred countries in the world relying on more than 530 reserves.

We’re currently visiting 12 of these reserves to create the film Biosphere, Tomorrow is Now!

As I write these lines, we’ve just returned from shooting on the first reserve, in Benin, Africa. We’ve met so many wonderful people there, who fight, on the daily, to restore biodiversity in the region, all the while finding solutions for the sustainable development of their communities.

Biosphere, Tomorrow is Now! is a witness to the fact that there is still hope for humankind when it chooses to act in its best interest.

The film will be presented at an international UNESCO event in Paris in November 2010.

In the meantime, I thought I would start this blog to share with you our experience as we travel the world and meet all these inspiring people. While I was interviewing people in Africa, I was also keeping a journal, and filming my experience thanks to my small handheld camera. Those thoughts and magical encounters is what we will share with you here.

I hope you enjoy it, and mostly, feel like you are part of the conversation. I speak on behalf of all our team when I say that it will make us really happy to read your comments and get your feedback, as we humbly search for answers to the questions humanity has about its future…


Tamy xxx

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